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Picture of Water Ozonator Model: WOZ5 Accessories are Included $350 USD

The SOTA Water Ozonator is designed to freshly add ozone to drinking water … in order to increase the oxygen content of the water and to enjoy the fresh taste of ozonated water.

Ozone (O3) is a richer form of oxygen (O2) as it has one more molecule of oxygen. We can all benefit from more oxygen. Oxygen makes us feel more alert. As a result of environmental pollution, there is less oxygen in our air and water today.

The Water Ozonator offers automatic timing ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. Timing will depend on the quantity and quality of the water to be ozonated. It can also be used to sterilize water. As nature's cleanser, ozone purifies our air, soil, and water. Ozone has become a well-known source for sterilizing water systems and bottled water. Independent laboratory tests show the SOTA Water Ozonator "sterilizes drinking water that is heavily contaminated with several different micro organisms." (Nova Biologicals Inc., Texas USA)

The SOTA Water Ozonator is portable. This ozone unit is unique as it operates from a 12-Volt wall adaptor. For travel or camping it can be operated from a 12-Volt battery. The Water Ozonator uses ambient air and is not intended for use with pure oxygen.

The Water Ozonator can be used on its own or as one of the four steps of a health program.

The Water Ozonator is covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components. The Water Ozonator is CE certified and RoHS compliant.

When I started drinking ozonated water I felt better almost immediately. The difference was quite dramatic.

Paul Holloway, United Kingdom

How to Use Videos

This video gives step-by-step instructions to use the Water Ozonator. (10:28 minutes)

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Rose Elliot, California, USAMy husband and I now have the Water Ozonator and from the first drink I could feel the life-giving energy. I praise God that you are here to help me and others.

Rose Elliot, California, USA


Picture of Accessories
Accessories Included
One (1) Ceramic Airstone with Silicone Tubing
One (1) Carrying Case
One (1) Product Manual
One (1) Wall Adaptor for International Use

We stock wall adaptors with prongs for North America, Asia, UK, Europe and Australia. Please specify the type of adaptor required when ordering.

Product Manual
Each unit comes with a manual that explains how to use the unit.
Curtis Cooperman, New Jersey, USA Thanks for being there and we love the new Water Ozone Generator. Beautiful. It functions and operates like a dream.

Curtis Cooperman, New Jersey, USA

Alice Manzer, California, USA I have used these units for over 6 years now as part of my overall plan to maintain my health and zesty spirit at the age of 81 years … I have the Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser and Water Ozonator.

Thank you SOTA for being a partner with me in my ongoing commitment to staying healthy.

Alice Manzer, California, USA

Picture of Protocol Kit Model: KSP $900 USD

The SOTA Protocol Kit includes three SOTA units that provide the four-parts for a health program.

  • 1 Silver Pulser
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser
  • 1 Water Ozonator
  • 1 extra short Micropulsing Cord
  • 2 extra pairs of rubber probes
  • 6 extra pairs of cotton sleeves
  • 1 extra wrist strap

Picture of SOTA Products Kit Model: KAP $1,600 USD

The SOTA All Products Kit includes the five SOTA units.

  • 1 Silver Pulser
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser
  • 1 Water Ozonator
  • 1 Bio Tuner
  • 1 LightWorks
  • 1 Color Hand Paddle Set
  • 1 Hand Paddle Connection Kit
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